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Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
may not want to grandfather them or legitimatize them but we did have a process available in eastern makes for legitimatization. >> well the difficulty with that is that if there are uses that are there now and they are not legal now, there is no way to really legalize them unless they rezone them in a way that a.m., lows them use and gives them the opportunity to legalize and so it would not necessarily be an amendment but it would be completely changing the zoning district for the area to change the uses and or to allow that use. the issue of legitimatization is difficult to apply because they would have had to be able to be permitted to begin with and in the case of office in western sonoma, that is basically not been possible for the last 22 years accept for the narrow pro vision of western design professions and the 3,000 square feet or less and so if we did want to craft a elementization program i think it could be tailored to that small sliver of office space that is permitted currently in western sonoma. >> i think that should be at least the case and if it is then we should
Dec 4, 2012 1:30am PST
we think there is any sort of legitimatization process, i feel like we need to look at that. i haven't seen a lot of members of the public active except for the entertainment community. it's kind of concerning, not because, you know, i would love to think everyone is happy and this plan is perfect, but the point is there's always the lack of, you know, details that people don't see and then it causes a lot of problems with the planning department then later, people are upset with us because we didn't inform them. so, i'd like to look at, you know, if that -- at that next hearing if we can look at some of the buildings in that position and some of the other areas where we have a pretty large segment where people will become -- uses will be become legal nonconforming, how we want to treat that, how we want to treat any future expansions which usually are not allowed and what the rules are around, you know, what's accessory sort of expansion and things that people can do with those nonconforming uses. so, i don't know if you had something to say to that. >> i just wanted to make o
Dec 2, 2012 1:00am PST
wanted to make one clarification, kind of to distinguish between legitimatization program and legal nonconforming. so, any use that's legal now may already be legal nonconforming or it's legal now and it's going to be rezoned in a way that use is no longer permitted, it will become legal nonconforming. how we treat those uses, obviously they're allowed to stay. in some cases depending on the use, they're allowed to expand to some degree with certain approvals. that's already kind of covered in the code. the legitimate am i sayization process we did for eastern neighborhoods was specifically for projects that had not got earn their permit so they weren't legal but uses that could have gotten their permits when they went but they didn't. >> right. >> it gave them an option to come in and become legal nonconforming uses * because if it's a situation where you have a use that's legal right now and we're proposing to rezone it and it's going to become legal nonconforming use, there's no way to kind of provide a pathway to legalizing that use without changing the zoning. >> right. i was t
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
we talk about legitimatization and if you have got uses that were possibly none conformling now and they will definitely be none conforming after the new zoning is pasted i think you shouldn't say we are shutting it down because we are rezoning it they are quiz they have go through a legalization process to continue with their thing and that is something that i would very much like to see. a few other questions a roads. arose. sock talking about the central cor dour, i feel lean towards strong language that talks about strong ladies and gentlemen objective one .5 that makes it clear that this area is going to be reconstructed; probably sunsetting or delaying the pro visions because it doesn't make sense to zone it one-way and then three years later and if someone did actually jump in will and i don't think someone foolish enough to build the zoning if it increased but it they were to go and build a business and a couple of years later there was an inlay and there was a fight between the present biz owner and the perspective developer who may be coming in with a new use. so something
Dec 6, 2012 5:00am EST
news going on. a relationship was legitimatized a short while ago as the clock struck 12:00 at west, pete peterson and jane became first same sex couple to receive a marriage license in the ever green state. a fitting honor for the couple. they were featured in the ad campaign to legalize same sex marriage. >>> newark mayor in new jersey corey booker is gearing up for his food stamp challenge. it starts tuesday. booker is going to be on a steady diet of beans and vegetables and whatever else he can afford living on $30 worth of food stamps for the week. the mayor took on the challenge after getting into a debate with one of his twitter followers. >>> and finally, just north of the border, a few military vets suited up for team usa at the world sledge hockey challenge despite the inspiring stories of lost limbs and sacrifice, it was team canada that beat the americans 2-1. however, team usa did earn enough wins for a spot in the semifinals. >>> in sports, we're going to tip off in the nba. bobcats and knicks with three seconds left, new york's j.r. smith took the inbound pass and hit
Dec 6, 2012 5:30pm PST
commissioners for directing staff to consider legitimatization of uses policy commissioner apt knee knee. >>> aye, borden aye hillis aye. >> would? no commissioner president fong. >> so moved that commissioner passes four to three with commissioners moore, sag guya and voting against. >> i heard there was cp to allow ground floor reds terrible mr. teeing is that something that you were putting before us here,. >> sure and it's something that i'm hypothecate putting before you as a package because of the affordable housing trust fund created a scenario where we could not increase affordable housing requirements lieu a new rezonings and legislation and through certain exemptions one being that the site was getting 20% bump in gross developable area the problem with ct and the regional commercial district is while they permanent housing on every floor, on the ground floor of large project, they restrict it and they don't permit it and so, to meet that 20% criteria in the charter, we would need to remove that planning prohibition of residential uses in the district on large sites on the grou
Dec 2, 2012 12:30am PST
becoming legal nonconforming. if there is a need or we think there is any sort of legitimatization process, i feel like we need to look at that. i haven't seen a lot of members of the public active except for the entertainment community. it's kind of concerning, not because, you ow
Dec 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
justice for news this world, and the system is legitimatizing it's treatment. iranians are mostly muslim, bought very different understanding. the government of iran. and they, for example, do not understand the way that sharia law was practiced. at the time that you were in prison, and i have to say, this -- was lucky, at that time we had a prosecutor general of the revolution area tribunal. he was also called the hanging judge of tehran. one time he was invited to the city of -- the province of kurd -- kurdistan in order to look at prisoners. i believe there was 100 kurds who were accused of some kind of vague revolution activity, and the judge did not have time to go through the cases so he just said, shoot every second of them. and then people asked him, sir, some of these people may be innocent? and he had a sense of humor. he said, well, you see, if they're innocent, they'll go to heaven. if they have committed in sin against the revolution, they receive their punishment. this is how the system was working back then. now it is a different type of system. you have revolutionary guar
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
legitimat legitimacy to this tr >> the school is trying to call all the students and their families as they do not come to school. classes' are suspended for now. for the foreseeable future they have no idea when they resume classes' if at all today. >> we're staying for the latest. monte vista is not the only cap is impacted. lincoln elementary is in a different school district what is rather altamonte vista higclose tomonte istamont >> and go back to the studio with more. >> the school is to the west of 85 as a james mentioned the schools are ejected to each other. that is why lincoln elementary shutdown. mcclellan running right in front mcclellan has police activity on it is cautionary. a large campus on monte vista as james mentioned. the airborn mount toa high school is the shutdown --monte vstista as well as lincoln elementary because of the close proximity. >> it is cold out there we have not had much of the warm-up. sky conditions are better the sky is starting to brighten. there's nothing the sunshine for most of the bay area. it is the freezing however, for santa rosa, novato
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)